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  • 101680 DAA Shooting Vest, Size Medium
  • 101680 DAA Shooting Vest, Size Medium
  • 101680 DAA Shooting Vest, Size Medium


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The DAA SHOTAC Shooting Vest is a garment custom designed from the ground up to provide a solution to a very real problem: How to stay warm enough in cold weather, in clothing that is not cumbersome and does not interfere with the draw, reloads and movement while shooting IPSC, USPSA, IDPA or other practical pistol disciplines. Anyone who trains or competes in cold weather will be well familiar with the challenge.

Leaning on 15 years experience gained by Competitive Edge Dynamics with their Shooting Vest, we worked to bring the product into the 21st century using modern materials, look and feel. The All new DAA SHOTAC Shooting Vest has a matt black texture and a soft-shell outer finish. It is water repellent, yet breathable and comfortable to wear for extended periods. Its cut and fit are designed and made specifically for the task at hand: IPSC style shooting, while outdoors in the extreme cold.

The DAA Shooting Vest’s features include:
· Medium thickness thermal insulation provides warmth without creating bulkiness
· Wide and deep arm cutouts assure wearing is comfortable when in the arm-extended double-grip shooting stance
· Wide elastic side panels create a snug fit around the midsection, preventing interference while drawing the gun or reloading · 4 wide elastic Velcro straps allow you to connect the vest to your inner belt, to keep it from riding up
· Cut short, to end just above your belt, thus avoiding interference with your shooting gear
· 2 front cargo pocket, plus 2 zippered chest pockets, provide ample storage
· 3 frontal horizontal webbings create connection points for hanging a timer, radio or other small gear.
· Rain hat folded into neck collar
· Frontal chest transparent card/name holder, and Velcro patch attachment tabs
· Rubberized SHOTAC and DAA logos on chest and back of neck.

Sizing Information:
This garment is designed to be a snug fit. It will fit shooters with average to slightly heavy builds, but may be too tight around the stomach for those with very large midsections…
In an effort to provide you with helpful sizing information, we have had a dozen various people try them on, and recorded their chest circumference and their best fitting Shooting Vest size.
Our testing indicates that European customers should order their shooting vest in the same size they usually order their shirts/jackets in.
Our US customers though should order their shooting Vests one size larger than the size they usually buy their cloths in. (so if you usually buy size L clothing in the USA, order an XL vest).

Chest Circumference - Size to order
84-90cm - SMALL
90-96cm - MEDIUM
96-102cm - LARGE
102-108cm - X-LARGE
108-115cm - XX-LARGE
115-123cm - XXX-LARGE

1 Artikel

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